There are a couple of ways that this shit might go . But I am going to start with the simplest statement that you should learn by your heart and that is “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL” and don’t let people that aren’t even the same time zone as you , define you as anything else.

It was a long time ago, before I was born and before all of us took our places in this world when few norms were set because of people who don’t exist in this world anymore. The only thing that exists is their thinking and views left behind.

Being beautiful does not come from how we look when we wake up and I not going to fake teach you that it comes from your heart, being beautiful come from your mind.

Now hear me out, imagine you know the truest form of yourself, there is not one thing that you hide from yourself and you go around being the person who you really are. You will be so beautiful. I can already say this without second thought.

When you will be walking around knowing who you are and knowing what you want and knowing that no one knows you like you know yourself, you will be beautiful.

If you search the word ‘beautiful’ the Google tells you “pleasing the senses and mind aesthetically”. It does not mention whose mind and senses we have to please so allow me to tell you that.

Your mind and senses. You will not feel beautiful by compliments and likes, though there is nothing wrong with wanting people to notice you, it does always boost your confidence and it’s nice. But that does not define your beauty.

You define your beauty and you define it by always wearing the cloths you feel like, always being true to your feelings. Wear a low cut dress, sweats or Victorian gown but only because that’s your definition, wearing that does not define beauty, it defines you.

Now, when you search “beautiful opposite” on Google, it tells you the adjective “Ugly” and when you tap that word. When you tap on ‘Ugly’, the definition says “unpleasant and repulsive, especially in appearance”.

This is the world we grow in where beautiful Is defined vaguely as a concept but no one shy away from the word ‘appearance’ when describing the word ugly.

If you are reading this and you idealize someone just for being beautiful, I think we can stop that now, all atoms in your body describes you and all these atoms are beautiful.

Being beautiful does not mean wearing the trending cloths or contouring your face in the right angle, it means being you.

The truest and purest form of you.

Do everything you feel like and don’t let anyone else describe your beauty, don’t listen to things women have been listening to for years. Don’t listen to me. Be independent. People with dimples are beautiful and people without them are beautiful. Men are beautiful and women are beautiful. People who put makeup daily are beautiful and people who do not do it are beautiful. You and me and everyone is beautiful.

I want you all to free yourself from barriers of thing that being beautiful or ugly has anything to do with “appearance”.

Also when the endgame comes on this planet that we live in , we would survive basically because of our health and our survival instinct and sharp mind so let’s just all sit down and make a plan for that.



                                                                   FICTION.PART ONE.

“Is this some dream? Where is this place?” I ask myself.

 Well, I am a fool to be speaking out loud, I am obviously way too drunk and out of mind to be seeing this, to be seeing big nothing or better, I have passed out and nowI am officially dreaming.

‘Why would Mark give me so many drinks?’ I think while clearly knowing that it’s because I must have asked and paid for these drinks.

Mark is a very good friend and owner of the pub and he never gives out free drinks not on our birthdays, or his birthdays, not even to the ladies who flirt too much and end up in his bed. That’s actually a good thing about Mark; he has never bent the rules of his pub.

I have been going to Mark’s since two years ago. He knows everything there is to know, well there isn’t much but whatever little bit is there.

I grew up in a small village just outside Towgra, though it’s just outside but the difference is like hell and heaven, well my village being hell of course. I lived my entire life working for my mother in her jam factory and studying at home.

My mother wanted me to take up the jam factory ( two machines and a barrel) after her , she always thought that’s what I will do , I always did that too but none of us didn’t know what came next. About 2 years ago I ran from my home, not because I wanted to see the world and I knew the beauty of life but because I could. No one in my village was ever a runaway girl and I did it for the rush. It was not like people didn’t move, there was no warning, no boundaries, absolutely nothing huge and I thought why not?

I must be stupid after all.

I had planned to runaway(as in go without telling my mother), see the city , roam and spend whatever pennies I was carrying in my pocket at the time and the take a lift back to village.

Well, destiny has a way of ruining things before it can take us on the way of our destination.

I didn’t survive more than 4 hours in the city, it was beautiful, planned out parks and buildings, food-carts wherever you see and everything was in a walking distance. People who laugh too loud and puppies that are prettier than half my village boys but I didn’t had no money and it was time I go back and tell everyone the wonder of the town.

I knew no one will give me a ride inside the city so I had to walk up to the bridge that connects the highway, once in highway it not must be more than 20 miles and voila, I am in my village. 

As I started my journey towards the bridge I realized how there were so many things we could change in our village, develop and become powerful and rich, we all had the resources , abundance of it , but we just didn’t care or that’s what I thought.

It was early evening as I reached the bridge and would have been the great time to leave the city and make it home in time for dinner. Something inside me changed, what would have been strong and strange story to tell, I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted more than anything to turn around and never cross the bridge, it was as if I had no memories and no emotional connection to the village I was returning to, as if I was finally leaving home and my stomach couldn’t hold the hurt of leaving Towgra and returning to the place I was born at. The place I grew up as a girl, right at that moment I knew my connection with my mother was also left behind. What was it? I am stupid? What happens if I never go back?

As I stand in the dark in my dreams I wonder if this is what I am , a darkness, a soulless girl who left everything behind for no reason at all, who left her mother and a complete village to come live a life she has no idea about.

When I returned, took a sharp U-turn, from the bridge two years ago , I didn’t know anyplace so the best place to crash was at the train station, it was safe and there were people going somewhere or the other.

I was way too hungry but something told me that this hunger will pass as long as I stay in the city. I fell into a deep sleep, a sleep without dreams on a bench near the train station and I felt no remorse. I didn’t feel lose of deciding to leave my mother behind or the sadness of missing home. As a matter of fact, I felt content, like my destiny has been decided for me to live a life separate from my village.

The next day was the same, me wondering what has gotten into me and by this time I was way to hungry to even care about what that is. I went to the nearest wending machine and tried to shake it hoping something would fall down. Honestly even if I had money, I had no idea how these machines worked.

 Just about that time I met Martha, the old lady I work for, she was crossing the machine when she saw me , or she was just walking , I don’t know , I don’t know her side of story , it’s been two years and I haven’t figured out Martha , she is old but looks like she has stopped aging after the day she met me. Two years with her and she is as old as she was when we first meant.

“what’s your problem?” she asked out of kindness or curiosity.

I bet she thinks I am a thief or some big criminal.

“Oh nothing, I lost my wallet and I am super hungry” I said sounding innocent and naïve.

“What are you doing here if your wallet got lost” yes, she was curious.

“I have a job interview, can’t go home without giving the interview” I lied, with the most innocent face god has ever seen.

“Well then I hope you find your wallet soon.” She said not even caring about a hungry little girl who should not go to her fake interview hungry.

“Can you lend me some money?” I don’t know what’s wrong with me? ugh!! Where am I getting these guts? I should be home with my mama and her jam and not here talking to this almost on her deathbed old lady asking for money.

“Sure! Come by this address and return it to me” she broke my thought chain and interrupted, she gave me a fresh note of 20 and a card with her address on it.

With that generous money I could buy myself a good breakfast and not something off the machine but I had to know what was wrong with me? Have I become a different person in 4 hours? What was so different about this city? Is it maybe because I am from the village and 4 hour of city was not enough for me?

Well, it was something I was about to find out …….


Bringing Sense to “Random_sipoflife”

Hello !

As I am just at beginning of my blogging journey , I want nothing more than establishing a relationship between my readers and myself. The only way I could do it is by coming fourth and explaining my ideas and myself completely , as you all know ” You cannot befriend a stranger” .

Photo by Daniela Constantini on Pexels.com

I chose the name “Random sip of life ” because of certain things that includes :-

  • I love sipping beverages and not just that , I mean no one in this entire world goes a lifetime without sipping any kind of liquid . It could be water ( the essential) , coffee , tea , juice , beer , million other things and obviously blood ( only if you have fangs ). A cold drink in a hot summer day , or a hot drink in a cold winter day , is an opportunity to sit and reflect or talk or spend time by yourself or with your family.
  • I have been indecisive my whole life . who I wanted to be , what should my next step be , I always have crossed bridges when I come to it , I don’t decide my one year plan , I do not layout my plans . all my learning and life experience have happened because I got up and randomly decided to do something .

All my blogs will be same , a sip of my life with random layout , Its an unplanned society of fiction , real life experience , myths and some awesome facts about a lot of thing. I try to keep my word and expressions as simple as possible and I try to keep up with the pace of my life. I believe we live a very small life to learn a lot of things and experience everything that world has to offer but thanks to internet , I can know and empathize with any gender , any professional , any human being in any other country ,I also believe that we learn like this. I know I might be not all that about career but the fact is , there is no other me .


There are a lot of bad things going around and none of this is my fault.

I have a best friend, we have known each other for 5 years now, he is the best thing that happened to me in a while, his name is Raj (as in the rule) and he sure rules my life. We spend the whole day together, sometimes till the night and I love him spending time with me, keeps me company otherwise in this lonely world and I just love to keep him company and keep him warm in otherwise this cold world.

Before Raj, I had many friends, some I still see nowadays from afar and some I have never seen again. I miss them. I wonder if they got to the places they were searching for with me.  The one I still see from afar never visit me again, like all the sadness in their lives was brought by me.

I feel ashamed and longing for my old friends and I don’t want Raj to leave like they did. All I ever did with all of my friends was tried to bring them peace and happiness, I hided their personal belongings with me, listened talk to them with themselves, I hear them cussing and irritating and agonized but I never mean them to leave. I just want to provide them with the comfort that I was brought in this world for.

All my life I took a lot of blame, for my friends, for my brothers.

I was the cubical after all.

I was the four walls which was stopping all my friends to reach the limitless world but never did I mean it, I know I miss them and hope they will come back to my comfort environment but I did not realize that this is the same comfort environment they wanted to get out of.

I am not the problem.

Me, a small cubical in a huge office full of my fellow cubicles are not the problem. Problem is the society who puts the pressure on my friends, maybe their boss, maybe boss’s boss . maybe the girlfriend who wants expensive gifts or just you doing something you don’t love doing anymore.

Its been so long that I have learned the pattern in which I am betrayed by my friends and brothers.

Their first day with me, I provide them with privacy and comfort , I never judge them for who they are and let them reorganize me a million times till they are satisfied.

A few months later, my best friend has other friends who visit me and they talk about their common friend and at and be themselves and I accept everyone with open arm, I who is made to comfort one, comfort many.

A year pass and this is the time when half of my friends leave, some change the cubical or leave me alone in this huge room and never come back. They don’t even say goodbye but I get my intuition when they slowly start taking back their personal things from me. I remember all the coffee mugs my friends has once used around me.

My friends who stay close with me even after one year are my permanent friends, I know their names, I know their dreams, I know who calls them when and what is cooking at their place, I know their friends and family and birthdays and anniversaries. These friends are hardest to forget, I look at them silently as they plan their future trips and as they step into their new lives. I see they getting married and I see few getting out of one but never do I leave them alone. Sometimes, just sometimes I wish they won’t leave me alone too.

But the truth of life is everyone leaves, some leaves for a better world and some leave because they start hating me too much, they think I am coming between them and their dreams but that’s not true, I want nothing but a beautiful life for them.

I sometimes scream at them for thinking so much bad about it, for cursing “the cubical” but no one seems to notice, no one cares..

I am just a cubical, killing their dreams.

I am wearing off now. My white sheet is coming off and the wood is too moist, I am soon going to turn into waste, all these memories and all these people that I keep essence of will never see me and most of all, I will never see them.

I am looking at Raj right now and I cannot ask him to not leave me, not leave me today for even a minute and stay with me till my last breath but it’s too much to ask. As, I am just a cubical.

I want to take all the memories with me to the land of lost wood but as I am getting old I don’t know if I will remember them as new as I used to remember them. Will I forget the nervous Raj on his first day or will I embrace the tears raj hided from the world but showed to me?

As I am wearing off all I want is just one wish, not to be born as a cubical again.

10 DIFFERENT CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS in 10 different countries

In the early years of Christianity, Easter was the main holiday; the birth of Jesus was not celebrated. In the fourth century, church officials decided to institute the birth of Jesus as a holiday. Unfortunately, the Bible does not mention date for his birth (a fact Puritans later pointed out in order to deny the legitimacy of the celebration). Although some evidence suggests that his birth may have occurred in the spring (why would shepherds be herding in the middle of winter?), Pope Julius I chose December 25. It is commonly believed that the church chose this date in an effort to adopt and absorb the traditions of the pagan Saturnalia festival. It was first called the Feast of the Nativity.

Christmas is celebrated on December 25 and is both a sacred religious holiday and a worldwide cultural and commercial phenomenon. For two millennia, people around the world have been observing it with traditions and practices that are both religious and secular in nature. Christians celebrate Christmas Day as the anniversary of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, a spiritual leader whose teachings form the basis of their religion. Popular customs include exchanging gifts, decorating Christmas trees, attending church, sharing meals with family and friends and, of course, waiting for Santa Claus to arrive. December 25—Christmas Day—has been a federal holiday in the United States since 1870.



Christmas Day is a public holiday in Eritrea that is celebrated on January 7 or on 27Tahsas of the Ethiopian calendar. Many people who are Christian in the two countries fast for 40 days (it is called fast of the prophets). They then head to church at dawn on Christmas morning. On Christmas Day, there will be colorful musical celebrations which involve the priests dressed in their best robes performing rituals, including dancing and playing drums and other instruments. Early in the morning at dawn, everyone dresses in white and head to the nearby church. Late in the afternoon there will be the traditional game of Gena, a kind of hockey. According to an Ethiopian legend, the game was being played by the shepherds who were tending their flocks on the night that Jesus was born. The game is attended by the leader of the community. A prize is awarded to the winner of the Gena game.

·       NIGERIA

On Christmas Eve, traditional meals are prepared according to the traditions of each region. Nigerians as a whole tend to prepare various meats in large quantities. 

Gift giving in Nigeria often involves money and the flow of gifts from the more fortunate to the less fortunate. After the “successful” visitors have come from their towns, cities, and even overseas, they are given time to settle in. Afterwards, local relatives begin approaching them asking for assistance of some kind, whether financial or not. Financial donations and elaborately wrapped gifts may be given out at lavish parties, weddings, and ceremonies; sometimes the money is scattered in the air to be grabbed by the others or stuck onto the sweaty foreheads of those dancing.

·       CHINA

In China, December 25 is not a legal holiday. However, it is still designated as a public holiday in China’s special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau, both former colonies of Western powers with nominal Christian cultural heritage.

In the mainland, the small percentage of Chinese citizens who consider themselves Christians unofficially, and usually privately, observe Christmas. Many other individuals celebrate Christmas-like festivities even though they do not consider themselves Christians. Many customs, including sending cards, exchanging gifts, and hanging stockings are very similar to Western celebrations. Commercial Christmas decorations, signs, and other symbolic items have become increasingly prevalent during the month of December in large urban centers of mainland China, reflecting a cultural interest in this Western phenomenon, and, sometimes, retail marketing campaigns as well.

·       INDIA

Being a British colony until 1947, many British traditions stayed on in India. Christmas is a state holiday in India, although Christianity in India is a minority with only 2.3% (of 1.237 Billion) of the population. Most of the Christians, especially Catholics in India attend the midnight mass. Many Christian houses in India decorate Christmas cribs, hang brightly lit stars outside their houses and distribute sweets and cakes to their neighbors. In many of the schools that are run by the Christian missionaries, the children actively participate in Christmas programs. Also in many non-religious schools, there is a tradition of Christmas celebration. Christmas is also increasingly celebrated by other religions in India. Christmas is known as “Badaa Din” (Big Day) in North and North-West India and people plant trees on this day.


Christmas in the Philippines, one of two predominantly Catholic countries in Asia (the other one being East Timor), is one of the biggest holidays on the calendar and is widely celebrated. The country has earned the distinction of celebrating the world’s longest Christmas season, with Christmas carols heard as early as September 1 when the “Ber Months” season kicks off traditionally. The season is officially ushered in by the nine-day dawn Masses that start on December 16. Known as the Misas de Aguinaldo (Gift Masses) or Misa de Gallo (Rooster’s Mass) in the traditional Spanish, these Masses are more popularly known in Tagalog as the Simbang Gabi, and are held in Catholic parishes and chapels nationwide. Usually, aside from the already legal holidays which are Rizal Day (December 30) and New Year’s Eve (December 31), other days in close proximity such as Christmas Eve (December 24), Niños Inocentes (December 28), and the Epiphany (traditionally, January 6 but now on the first Sunday of January) are also declared non-working days.

Christmas officially ends on the Feast of the Three Kings (Tres Reyes in Spanish or Tatlong Hari in Tagalog), also known as the Feast of the Epiphany (Spanish: Fiesta de Epifanía). The Feast of the Three Kings was traditionally commemorated on January 6 but is now celebrated on the first Sunday after the New Year. Some children leave their shoes out, in the belief that the Three Kings will leave gifts like candy or money inside. But the celebrations do not end there, since 2011, as mandated by the Catholic Church, they are on either the second Sunday of January or Monday after Epiphany in honor of the Lord Jesus’s baptism in the Jordan (the Solemnity of the Lord’s Baptism or in Spanish Solemnidad de Bautismo del Señor). The final salvo of these celebrations is marked by the feast of the Black Nazarene every January 9 in Manila and Cagayan de Oro, but can also, due to the celebrations in honor of the Santo Niño in the third and fourth Sundays of January in some places, even extend till the final weeks of that month.

·       ARMENIA

Armenians usually celebrate Christmas on January 6. The reason for this unusual date emerges from ancient history. “In the fourth century Roman Catholic Church, officials established the date of Christmas as December 25th.” Before that time, Armenians celebrated Christmas (surb tsnunt, Սուրբ Ծնունդ, meaning “Holy Birth”) on January 6 as a public holiday in Armenia. It also coincides with the Epiphany. The Armenians denied the new Roman mandate regarding Christmas, and continued to celebrate both the Nativity and Jesus’ baptism on January 6. When the Gregorian calendar was implemented in 1582, the Armenians rejected the reformed calendar and remained following the Julian calendar. But today, only the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem still uses the Julian calendar. Since the Julian calendar is thirteen days behind the Gregorian calendar, when the Armenians of Jerusalem celebrate Christmas on January 6 according to the Julian calendar the Gregorian calendar counts the day as January 19.

Traditionally, Armenians fast during the week leading up to Christmas avoiding all meat, eggs, and dairy products. Devout Armenians may even refrain from food for the three days leading up to Christmas Eve, in order to receive the Eucharist on a “pure” stomach. Christmas Eve is particularly rich in traditions. Families gather for the Christmas Eve dinner (khetum, Խթում), which generally consists of rice, fish, nevik (նուիկ, a vegetable dish of green chard and chick peas), and yogurt/wheat soup (tanabur, թանապուր). Dessert includes dried fruits and nuts, including rojik, which consists of whole shelled walnuts threaded on a string and encased in grape jelly, bastukh (a paper-like confection of grape jelly, cornstarch, and flour), etc. This lighter menu is designed to ease the stomach off the week-long fast and prepare it for the rather more substantial Christmas Day dinner. Children take presents of fruits, nuts, and other candies to older relatives. “On the eve of the Feast of the Nativity and Theophany of The Lord Jesus Christ, the Jrakalouyts Divine Liturgy (the lighting of the lamps service) is celebrated in honor of the manifestation of Jesus as the Son of God (theophany)” In addition to the Christmas tree (tonatsar, Տօնածառ), Armenians (particularly in the Middle East) also erect the Nativity scene. Christmas in the Armenian tradition is a purely religious affair. Santa Claus does not visit the nice Armenian children on Christmas, but rather on New Year’s Eve. The idea of Santa Claus existed before the Soviet Union and he was named kaghand papik (Կաղանդ Պապիկ), but the Soviet Union had a great impact even on Santa Claus. Now he goes by the more secular name of Grandfather Winter

·       MEXICO

Christmas is a statutory holiday in Mexico and workers can have the day off with pay. Mexico’s Christmas is filled with over 30 traditions found only within Mexican Christmas. Over nine days, groups of townspeople go from door to door in a fashion of when the parents of the unborn baby Jesus Christ looked for shelter to pass the night when they arrived at Bethlehem, and are periodically called inside homes to participate in the breaking of a candy-filled piñata.

Mexican Christmas festivities start on December 12, with the feast of La Guadalupana (Virgin of Guadalupe), and end on January 6, with the Epiphany. Since the 1990s, Mexican society has embraced a new concept linking several celebrations around Christmas season into what is known as the Guadalupe-Reyes Marathon. At midnight on Christmas, many families place the figure of baby Jesus in their nacimientos (Nativity scenes), as the symbolic representation of Christmas as a whole. In the center and south of Mexico, children receive gifts on Christmas Eve and on January 6, they celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany, when, according to tradition, the Three Wise Men (3 Wizard Kings) brought gifts to Bethlehem for Jesus Christ. Santa Claus (or Santa Clos, as he is known in Mexico) is who brings the children their gifts, but traditionally the Three Wise Men will fill the children’s shoes with candies, oranges, tangerines, nuts, and sugar cane, and sometimes money or gold, symbolizing the very gifts they gave to the Baby Jesus in Bethlehem during his infancy and a reflection of his future destiny as saviour of the world.

·       COLOMBIA

Christmas is a public holiday in Colombia and is primarily a religious celebration. Presents are brought by El Niño Jesus / Niño Dios (Baby Jesus).

While Christmas decorations may be put up as early as the beginning of November, the unofficial start of Colombian Christmas festivities takes place on December 7, Día de las Velitas, or “Day of the Candles.” At night, the streets, sidewalks, balconies, porches, and driveways are decorated with candles and paper lanterns, which illuminate cities and towns in a yellow glow to honor the Immaculate Conception on the following day, December 8. In many cities, and even in small rural towns, neighborhoods get together and decorate their whole neighborhood or street, turning streets into virtual “tunnels of light.” Many radio stations and local organizations hold contests for the best display of lights, making the competition for the best light show a serious event. The city of Medellín has become a popular tourist destination during the holiday season because of its Christmas lights. Activities such as musical events and firework displays are planned by cities and held during this time. Individually launched fireworks were a common item during the Christmas season in Colombia, often going on at any time of the day in many cities. However, a recent ban has decreased the individual use of fireworks, and now only cities or towns are able to hold firework displays.

December 16 is the first day of the Christmas Novena, a devotion consisting of prayer said on nine successive days, the last one held on Christmas Eve. The Novena is promoted by the Catholic Church as a staple of Christmas, and is very similar to the posadas celebrated in Mexico. It is a call for an understanding of the religious meaning of Christmas, and a way to counter the commercialism of the Christmas season. Individual traditions concerning the Novena may vary, but most families set up a “pesebre” (manger scene), sing religious Christmas carols called villancicos accompanied by tambourines, bells, and other simple percussion instruments, and read verses from the Bible as well as an interpretation which may change from year to year. Novenas serve as beautiful religious gatherings as well as learning environments for young children since kids have a central and active role in the celebration of the Novenas (they read prayers, sing, and play instruments guided by their family). From December 16 to 24, games called “aguinaldos” are played after having made a “pinky promise” deciding the prize for the winner and the punishment for the loser. The games include “Hablar y no contestar” (Talk but don’t answer), “Dé pero no reciben” (Give but don’t receive), “Pajita en boca” (Straw in the mouth), “Tres pies” (Three feet), “Beso robado” (Stolen kisses), and “Si y al no” (Yes or no). Churches offer dawn and nightly masses during the nine days of the novena, culminating with the Misa de Gallo (Rooster’s Mass) on Christmas Eve at midnight.

·       POLAND

In the largely Roman Catholic Poland, Christmas Eve begins with a day of fasting and then a night of feasting. The traditional Christmas meal is known as Wigilia (“The Vigil“), and being invited to attend a Wigilia dinner with a family is considered a high honour. On the night of Christmas Eve, the appearance of the first star in the sky is watched for, in remembrance of the Star of Bethlehem, that it has been given an affectionate name of “the little star” or Gwiazdka (the female counterpart of St. Nicholas). On that evening, children watch the sky anxiously hoping to be the first to cry out, “The star has come!” After the first star appearance is declared, the family members sit down to a dinner table.

According to tradition, bits of hay are spread beneath the tablecloth as a reminder that Christ was born in a manger. Others partake in the practice of placing money under the table cloth for each guest, in order to wish for prosperity in the coming year. The dinner contains twelve dishes, one for each Apostle. In many homes, an extra place setting is set. The empty setting is symbolically left at the table for a lonely wanderer who may be in need of food, an angel, the Baby Jesus or the Holy Spirit should appear to share the feast.

Before eating, everyone exchanges Christmas greetings with each other. The supper begins with the breaking of the opłatek. By sharing a piece of Christmas wafer (Opłatki), when everyone at the table breaks off a piece and eats it as a symbol of their unity with Christ. The opłatek is usually blessed by the presiding Bishop, and stamped with a religious image, such as the nativity scene, they then share a piece with each family member. A tradition exists among some families to serve twelve different dishes at Wigilia symbolizing the Twelve Apostles, or perhaps, an odd number of dishes for good luck (usually five, seven, or nine). Some practice the superstition that an even number of people must be seated around the table.

Christmas Eve ends with Pasterka, the Midnight Mass at the local church. The tradition commemorates the arrival of the Three Wise Men to Bethlehem and their paying of respect and bearing witness to the new born Messiah. The custom of Christmas night liturgy was introduced in the Christian churches after the second half of the 5th century. In Poland that custom arrived together with the coming of Christianity. The next day (December 25) begins with the early morning mass followed by daytime masses. According to scripture, the Christmas Day masses are interchangeable allowing for greater flexibility in choosing the religious services by individual parishioners.

The following day is often spent visiting friends. The gift bearer varies. In some regions it is Święty Mikołaj (Saint Nicholas), in others Święty Mikołaj gives his gifts on December 6 and the giftbringer of the Christmas Eve is Gwiazdor (“star man”), Aniołek (“little angel”) or Dzieciątko (“baby Jesus”).


Christmas is an extensively prepared celebration centering on the family and home, although it has a religious dimension also. The Christmas season starts from December or even in late November, when shops began advertising potential Christmas gifts. Christmas decorations and songs become more prominent as Christmas nears, and children count days to Christmas with Advent calendars. Schools and some other places have the day before Christmas Eve (aatonaatto, December 23) as a holiday, but at the latest on Christmas Eve (jouluaatto, December 24), shops close early and stay closed until December 26. The main Christmas festivities are held on Christmas Eve on December 24, while Christmas Day (joulupäivä) and the following day (Tapaninpäivä, “St. Stephen’s Day”) are mandatory public holidays in Finland Schools continue holidays up to the New Year.

The Declaration of Christmas Peace has been a tradition in Finland from the Middle Ages every year, except in 1939 due to the Winter War. It is a custom in many towns and cities. The most famous one of these declarations is on the Old Great Square of Turku, the former capital of Finland, at noon on Christmas Eve. It is broadcast on Finnish radio (since 1935) and television, and nowadays also in some foreign countries.






Time doesn’t exist but a clock exists. Time is just n agreed upon construct. We have taken distance (one rotation of the earth and one of orbit of the sun), divided it into segments and then labeled those segments. Well it has its own uses and we have been programmed to live our lives by this construct as if it was real.


Gravity plays a crucial rule on how time works and how time runs. If you lived in a basement your entire life you would live a few nanoseconds longer than someone who lives in a second story apartment. This is because the closer you get to the Earth, the stronger the pull of gravity and the slower the time moves.


If you leave Earth at the age of 15 in a spaceship at the speed of light and you spend 5 years in space, when you come back you will be 20 years old and all your friends who were 15 when you left will be 65 years old. This phenomenon is called “Time Dilation” in physics.


Inside a black hole, space and time switch roles. Outside  black hole we are free to move in 3D space but time only flows in one direction (forward).If we enter in black hole, according to relativity, space and time switch roles. You can only move in one direction and that is towards the center of the black hole (singularity) but you can travel across time in any direction (past or future).

  • 3:44 AM

According to sleep surveys and research by known institutions, 3:44AM is the most common time at which people wake up in the middle of the night for no reason. They wake up without an urge to drink water, or go to the washroom or without any other reason at all.



Universe is such a fascinating subject that I can never get over it. The truths and myths related to the creation of this universe surprise me when I least accept it.

Go ahead and see if one of these facts about the universe that may catch your eyes-

  • Hubble has captured a set of galaxies that have such a strong gravitational pull that they warp time and light, an effect known as gravitational lens-ing and this specific set of galaxies creates the appearance of a smiley face.


Click and know what else have been captured by Hubble spaceship.

  • The edge of the observable universe is ~46 billion light years away despite the universe being only ~13.8 billion years old.
  • Only about 0.0000000000000000000042% of the universe contains any matter. The universe is a pretty empty place.
  • Even though the Big Bang happened 13.7 billion years ago, and no object can move faster than the speed of light, the diameter of the known universe is at least 46 billion light years. It is because the expansion of the universe itself can occur faster than the speed of light. Particles cannot travel faster than the speed of light since if a particle has mass then it takes an infinite amount of energy to pass the speed of light. Space-time has no such limitation.
  • During one of Stephen Hawkins’s lecture in Japan, he was asked not to mention the possible re-collapse of the universe, billions of years into the future, for fears of its effects on the stock exchange.
  • The average color of the universe is a beige-ish white and therefore the color is named “Cosmic Latte”
  • A ‘Googolplex’ is such a large number, that if you were to write a ‘1’, followed by a ‘0’ on every single hydrogen particle in the known universe, you would not even get close to writing out the full number. KNOW MORE ABOUT GOOGOLPLEX!!
  • There is a theory proposed by many physicists that our universe may exist inside a black hole and that every black hole in our Universe may contain a totally new Universe.
  • In 2011, scientists estimated that there are at least 50 billion planets in the Milky Way, of which at least 500 million are in the “habitable zone” of their star. As of January 2013, the number of estimated planets in the Milky Way has more than doubled.
  • It is theorized that there may hypothetical objects that behave just the opposite of a black hole called a white hole. They cannot be entered from the outside, but matter and light can escape. The Big Bang might have been a white hole itself, and big bangs possibly occur at the center of all black holes.
  • Theoretically, if astronauts traveled in a spaceship at a constant 1 g of acceleration, they could travel the entire universe in their own lifetime, while billions of years would have passed by on earth.
  • Some scientists theorize that space and time started as one dimension each (basically a straight line). As it cooled, the universe warped into the 2nd-4th dimensions. Some think that the Universe will eventually be promoted again, to a five-dimensional state.
  • Ancient Egyptians believed that the universe was created due to an ejaculation and Egyptian Pharaohs were required to masturbate ceremonially into the Nile.


Tap above to know more about how the world created.

Facts about universe can lead to so many things that our mind cannot collect such valuable information.

  • Supernovae explode on an average once every 100 years in a galaxy. Assuming there are 170 billion galaxies in the universe, there are 53 supernovae exploding every single second.
  • Scientists have found a star, now known as S2 that is orbiting a super massive black hole at the center of our galaxy at speeds exceeding 11,000,000 mph.
  • A star discovered 75 light-years away is no warmer than a freshly brewed cup of coffee.
  • If two galaxies were to collide, it’s unlikely that anything in them would touch. Galaxies are teeming with billions of stars but they are also very, very large. This means these stars are spread out, very spread out. To give you an idea of how sparse they are, the average particle in the air is 500 times its own width from another particle. Our Sun is 29 million times its own width from the next nearest star. So when galaxies collide we certainly don’t see Hollywood style explosions; in fact, close up you probably wouldn’t notice much at all. The collisions are so tame that they are usually just referred to as ‘mergers’.
  •  Astronomers detected building blocks of life in a planetary system some 455 light-years away
  • A neutron star is so dense that if you dropped a gummy bear from one meter above, it would hit the surface in a nanosecond at around 7,000,000 KM/H with the force of 1,000 nuclear bombs.

I hope these FACTS ABOUT UNIVERSE helped you see the world that is bigger than all of us.




Here are few basic things you can just add in your life and see the difference.

  • BREATH. Start small, you can just sit and breathe and love yourself and care for yourself. The most important thing in self care is SELF.
  • SAY NO. To whatever or whoever you need to say no to. You can’t be happy working or doing something you did not want to do it in the first place.
  • STOP OVERCOMMITING. Know your limits and power of your mind and physical energy. You will drain out if you do everything that comes your way. Stop pushing your boundaries thinking that it’s not enough when it actually is.
  • IDENTIFY YOUR TOP PRIORITY. Makes live 1000 times better once we figure out what we want and what needs to be done from our side. You can easily plan out your day or vacations or even the time you spend doing what you love if you sort out your priorities.
  • TAKE A MENTAL DAY OFF WORK. This is not your usual day off from work but the day you wake up and not feel yourself. If we are working in a hostile or unfavorable environment, these tend to drag you down. Workplaces sometimes take down confidence and mold you into a machine. If you feel this, maybe it’s time to use that beneficiary personal leave.
  • EAT HEALTHY FOOD. Every day. Self care cannot happen once a week or once a month, you have to take care of your body. Self care includes your all over health so don’t indulge in unhealthy food thinking you are caring but eat healthy and see the result on your body and skin and texture. Get your greens and nutrition.
  • COOK YOURSELF A MEAL. If you already do that then that’s good but I am not talking about everyday salad and sandwiches. I am talking about a whole fully fledged with nutrition 3 course meals. It is time consuming so my advice will be to do it on a day off, but the time you spend cooking and eating that meal all by yourself will bring you a satisfaction you will never get from everyday food.
  • STICK TO A CONSISTENT NIGHTTIME ROUTINE. Sticking to a nighttime routine actually prepares your mind and body to get ready to relax, it will give you better sleep and sleep is important. As I mentioned before, you do not self care once a week. Its everyday habits that you accept and do to show yourself that you care about self.
  • REFUEL YOUR ENERGIES. All your energies run out at some point of the day, every day. Sometimes out of nowhere your brain freeze or your hands or you go into your thoughts and there is no concentration on the work you are doing currently, this can be resolved by refueling your energies by taking small breaks. Like coffee breaks or a five minutes ideal break. This way your productivity will only increase.
  • ESTABLISH WORK/LIFE BALANCE. Don’t bring your work inside your house and don’t take your house in your workplace. Any work place that tells you to do so is also very wrong and you should never over work from home. It creates a known difference for you to take care of different situation at different time. This does not stress you out.
  • WRITE OUT YOUR EMOTIONS. Sometimes the anger/sadness/exhaustion comes suddenly when we are least expecting it because of a situation that we were not expecting. The best thing to do right now, is to write the whole thing down in a piece of paper and leave it there. Someone told you something bad and it hurt you, just right your feelings down in a paper and throw it away or put it in your purse, indulging in negativity when you least expect it will never bring good results back.
  • FIND YOUR PLACE TO VENT. A place or a person or a thing you can vent to. As a child, I used to vent to my teddy bear, as a teenage it was my friends and as an adult I vent in a journal. This way you get to know your place in the situation. You will not feel down and actually see the whole situation in a calm manner, at a time when thing is in the past and we can contemplate the whole thing.
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR ALONE TIME. If you are a person who is always around people, someone who works a lot of hours with colleagues or generally stay around a lot of people, you need to maximize your alone time. This is the time you actually talk to yourself, like have a full conversation, sometimes you can revisit old conversation and you will instantly know what you really wanted to hear or revisit old memories or the day. It helps you to calm yourself from something that is just itching at back of your mind.
  • PLAN YOUR DAY OFF PRIOR WEEK.  This is the day you get most of the work get done. From your house cleaning, laundry to grocery shopping needs to be done on this day so it’s better to mentally prepare for it. If you get unprepared day off, you neither rest nor do any work. It’s very unsatisfying.
  • START A JOURNAL. Not just to vent but to actually pattern your life out , once you start maintaining journal you will know for sure if you spending time on yourself or not. The first clue will be taking out the time to write a journal, if you are not, you are not caring or giving yourself the care required.
  • SPEND MONEY/RESOURSE ON YOUR SELF. This include the day at the spa or the mall that you wish to do so much, the night out with your friends and movie dates you can’t go to because of work. Your money and time should be able to bring you comfort.
  • EXPLORE/LEARN. Self care is also being active and mindful and you will lack these things if you do not learn or explore new places/ new things. You should be able to experience the most of life in this life that’s given to you and that means learning something every day.
  • GIFT YOURSELF SOMETHING. If you working hard and doing dreadful work all the time six days a week you deserve the treats you shop when no one is looking. Save money on the side for such impulse shopping and such wishes.
  • DETOX. Not only by drinking herbal tea but tech Detox , staying off the internet for few hours, not connecting or scrolling the internet will give you mental peace and will bring health and is an essential part of self care. This time could be spent into doing something you love like reading, knitting or even cooking that meal I mentioned before.
  • COMPLETE PENDING PERSONAL WORK. This is also a very important step because sometimes between busy office schedule we forget to do our personal work like meeting the dentist or shopping grocery so as part of self care we should complete personal work whenever it’s possible. It should be one of our priorities.
  • TAKE BEAUTY SLEEP. Final and the most important step are taking that big beauty sleep that helps you into new day every day. It is the biggest care we need every day because the truth is we won’t last without sleeping our hours and we would be so helpless without sleep so we need to take our beauty sleep.

Finally, I will remind you that SELF CARE STARTS WITH SELF. You cannot take care of everyone all the time but you can take care of yourself, your mind, your body, your health is your responsibility , you owe this to yourself.


I have seen so many professions that get so much attention that sometimes the jobs I am about to mention becomes underrated. These places are pleasing to work at.

I personally want to work at every single one of the jobs I am about to mention in a single life.

If I could, I would work at these Aesthetic places in a heartbeat –

  • LIGHTHOUSE. I have been dreaming to work as a lighthouse keeper since I have had memory, I am in love with the ocean and I would love to be in the middle of the beauty. It’s actually a very dangerous and responsible job. You have to be attentive 24/7 and you need to be active around the house. I would put a lot of effort in this job, I know because that’s where I feel belonged but sadly I have not found single form to fill for this job.
  • CRUISE. Working at a cruise should be a dream come true , you get to travel and work together and cruise is like an entertainment center for everyone, you meet so many people , you bond over in weeks/months you spend on the ship and if you are working, you are making the money you can spend back on the land. I will never be stressed about the work in the water. No one can be stressed about work on a luxury like extravagant ship.

  • COFFEEHOUSE. Being in India, working in coffeehouses never been aesthetic or satisfying but then there are some cafes around the world where I would just love to serve coffee and I might not make much money but it will be satisfying and an aesthetic place to work. For example- maybe a coffeehouse in Paris. I will live a peaceful life with little amount of money around that beauty. I don’t think anyone can deny.

  • MUSEUMS. If we are talking about aesthetic, we have to bring in the beautiful museums we all have in our cities, working in a museum might get boring after some point of time but it’s so nice to work at a place full of history and importance. You have to be really interested in artifacts and knowing the heritage to be working in this aesthetic place.

  • LIBRARIES. Well if you are doing a cubical job, might as well do it from the best cubical of the world. This is the best behind the desk job because you can travel all around the world from there. Job maintaining all the books and property of the library.

  •  FILM SETS. A crowded place but still the best way to explore yourself, you can do so much in a film set apart from acting that the experience will bring enlightenment and exposure on yourself. This will also allow you to be around so much talent that it opens a new opportunity to learn more.
  • CELEBRITY CREW. You need to have a lot of talent to be part of any celebrity’s crew but this is a dream job for a lot of people. Working behind the scene with your ideal is the best experience in life which we should all look forward to. Being surrounded by such talent is dreamy and aesthetic in its own ways.

  • FASHION HOUSE. Fashion houses are one of the happening places of work. Luckily, this is the chance I have got. There are lots of crew required behind the scenes, all you need is prodigious organizational skills and outstanding power to work under stress.

  • FOREST. Now, this is a weird aesthetic place to work but if you connect with nature and know that’s where you belong. You can always look forward to be working as Forest worker/commissioner/craftsperson. The job is maintaining, cultivating, establishing and preserving the forest and its life.

  • WRITER. Now this is not a place and I am breaking my rules of the Aesthetic place to work by mentioning writer in the list but it’s a place for people who write, a place we visit when we are writing fiction or a truth we are visiting by writing an article of our mind. Being a writer comes with a lot responsibilities and rules. But a writer can be anywhere in the list and be a writer. You can be a writer in cruise, lighthouse and forest. All you need is time and the equipment to write away.

Working the list given above is a dream for me and I wish I can complete these tasks in my single life. I have named these jobs aesthetic because that’s what I feel working around such environment.

The Rush, The Calm and The Thrill for me working in the above places is more than words that I have put them in. If I get a chance to leave my seat and be anywhere in this world I will be at these places exploiting myself with experiences and knowledge.

Let me know what places you would love to work at which is still underrated. You can leave the job tittles or place in the comments. I would love to know more about the world through your eyes.


10 Steps you can follow to have a productive day. Especially, after the pandemic and a lockdown, we feel like we are not giving our best to our days and not doing the most that we can. I go through this everyday but in the end I don’t want my lazy ass to win. Some SIMPLE but RANDOM 10 Steps to constructive day

  • Start your day before 8AM. It’s easier to start a day early because a lot of your work will be done by the end of the day. You can let your creativity wonder in the night, only if you don’t have work-list in your mind.  
  • Make your bed, Always. Not because it’s a mess but because it will give you a sense of accomplishment. Also, once your bed is not cozy and set up, you wouldn’t want to go back to lie down.
  • Make a list of things you have to go through the day. This is the list that should only include your personal work, things like cleaning and washing laundry should be a part of it only if that’s what you had in mind. You don’t have to write every single detail but just outline of what needs to be done. For example – take German lesson, write your blog, etc.
  • Do your cleaning chores, if any. You clean your room or your house or the daily routine of cleaning that you go through. If not, this is the time you plan your meals and have your first coffee of the day.
  • Take Bath. This step is not about just taking bath but also about eating your breakfast and going through skin routine, grooming and anything else that you need to start your day.
  • Sit down for with the mindset of completing at least 3 tasks off the list. Now is the working part, sit down to complete as many tasks as you can in a single go, start with the toughest one, like if you have a class to attend or you need to complete some assignment or office work, start with that. There are chances that your speed will be the fastest around this time and you can complete most of your tasks before lunch.
  • Plan your breaks. I am of this era, I know how important standing up from your workplace is, I understand that notifications in our phones call out to us, you can give it 20 minutes every 3-4 hours so that you can be fresh and you will get the walk to correct your posture and get any other work that is small enough to not have a part in the list. This break also includes your workout if its not already in your list.
  • Make further plan and give time to rest of the tasks. Once you have done the hardest 2 or 3 tasks of your list, make a plan for evening tasks, how sooner you need to be free, how much time will the other tasks take and what should be the order for the rest of the tasks. This way you stay ahead of the work and not get surprised if something from your list stays incomplete at the end of the day.
  • Do Not Nap in the noon. Give this time to your hobbies. This is the time when you wouldn’t want to study or do something that takes a lot of your time. So maybe read a book, listen to songs, work like dishes at home and laundry can take place now because you already would have done the other work.
  • Divide your household chores with spouse/sibling/kids/roommates. This is to ensure that you are not completely dead by the end of the day. You need to divide the work with everyone even if you sit free for 2 hours, this way all can contribute to making a home and everyone can get together and empathize with each other. This adds to your constructive day because at the end you should not feel that something was left because I was doing a task no one else would.

If this helps you, kindly come back and leave in comments or you can tell me what else I can do to improve my day. I write about 8 major tasks and complete 6 or 7 out of these tasks and I follow this routine.

Everyone has a different way of handling a day but if you feel you need a little help, I think this can help you very much.

20 life lesson to learn before 20.

There are few things someone would have told me when I was in my teens. I gave a lot of wrong opportunities to lot of wrong people. There is always a part of me who would do things differently but it can’t. Let’s see the lesson I learnt –

  • TIME DOESN’T STOP FOR ANYONE. That’s the thing about time, what is gone is gone and what is to come will come. We cannot rewind it or rewrite it. That doesn’t mean you have to achieve everything the first time but that also doesn’t mean that you have to wait for the first time. Start now.
  • IT’S OKAY TO BE WRONG. Accepting your mistake is the best way to make amends and move forward. We are not built with guidelines chips in our brain that tells us what to do and who to be and what to say and how to conduct. We learn all our life and make mistakes on the way. The easiest and fastest way is to accept rather than excuse or explain your mistakes.
  • NEVER LOSE YOUR INNER CHILD. I know for a fact that we think we are grown up by the age we are 13 or 15. We are not, we are so tired of being a kid that we want to run and be adult. That is just not going to do. Once you miss childhood, you lose your childishness quickly and then there is no turning back. This doesn’t mean that you have to be childish while making responsible decisions in your life but you need that child to make you see the world in a positive way at the end of the day.
  • DATE YOURSELF BEFORE YOU DATE ANYONE ELSE. Attracting to somebody, falling in love or just simple infatuation has no age, but you know what else doesn’t have age? Falling in love with yourself, the whole package, your voice, your body, your before and after puberty, your life, your thoughts, your talents and so much more. You have to find each and every corner of yourself before you start spending time and energy on another human being.
  • IF IT’S NOT TRUE, DON’T SAY IT. “You must not tell lies”, everyone who has watched harry potter knows what exactly does it mean, but I am here to tell you something else. Around the time you are growing up, a lot of people tell a lot of assumptions and these assumptions then rotate around you like the truth. You must not give in to any information that does not come from either the actual source or a reliable source. This includes gossiping and making assumption or spreading rumor without digging the whole truth. It also means one more thing. Don’t say yes if you want to say no. Don’t act like you know something If you don’t know it. Accept your truth and be truthful around everyone you are.
  • DON’T PUT A VALUE ON YOURSELF OR SOMEONE ELSE. Everyone is looking for a meaning in their lives, you are not alone but that doesn’t give you or anyone else the right to put value to somebody. You cannot mark or ‘give a name’ to yourself or anyone else. Nobody is dateable/not dateable, smart/dumb and so many things. People surprise you in so many ways if you just don’t assume about them, or tag them in certain way. Give chance to yourself and everyone else around you.
  • DO NOT JUDGE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE BASED ON A SINGLE DAY.  Your days can be bad, good, average but the whole experience of life is going to be different and you cannot judge your life at this age. Stop stressing yourself trying to make your each day ‘worth it’. Know for a fact that you are worth it and your life is Worth it.
  • THE MORE YOU WANT TO IMPRESS PEOPLE, THE LESS THEY LIKE YOU. You can ask anyone you know. This is universal. If you are too clingy and too much of a pushover, nobody id liking you for you. They are with you because they get a sense of authority over you and you please their sense of being. You need to stop working according to the person you want to impress but impress them with your true characteristics.
  • PEOPLE CHANGE. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. On your long journey, you will meet a lot of people who will change without a warning, you will change too. This is a fact, the sooner you accept it, the less hurt you will feel.
  • TOMORROW IS UNPREDICTABLE. There is no one in the world that can write down and say for 100percent that something will happen for sure. You cannot decide tomorrow as well. All you can do is hope for the best and prepare for anything and everything.
  • STAND BY YOUR DECISIONS. Being fickle minded is part of decision making. There are 20 different methods that you can decide what to choose for yourself, you can try all of them and still be indecisive but once you have put your foot down and you have decided, don’t let anyone make you change your decision. This goes for things as simple as what you choose to wear, just because someone thinks it doesn’t suit you, doesn’t mean they are right. Your call will always be the final call.
  • YOU ARE ENOUGH. Teen is the age of sad songs and feeling lonely. I know there are people surrounding you all the time but if you still feel lonely you should remember this point. You are enough, you can do almost everything your peers can do and you don’t need somebody else’s shoulder to put your stuff. You are intelligent and know what is right, you make your decision and majorly, you can keep yourself company.
  • THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FAILURE. It’s a positive way to tell you that you don’t have to be bothered by failures. Take this for an example, you are baking a cookie, the cookies turn out to be bland and burnt, you did not pass your baking test. This does not means you failed at baking cookies. This means you made a mistake and these mistakes can be rectified and you can always try again to make the best cookies. If you learn from your mistakes, You will never fail.
  • MOVIES ARE THE BEST OF THE WORLD. I hope I am not breaking a big bubble but what movies show is a better world. It’s a lie and we should not hope our lives to turn out to be like one of these, to keep expectations from life based on movies can bring you lot of resentment and you might even start believing that everything is a lie. Do not make yourself go through so much and accept that movies are entertainment and motivational but untrue.
  • YOU DON’T HAVE TO WAIT FOR AN APOLOGY TO FORGIVE. This is a hard one for adults as well but I feel the sooner we learn this, the sooner we become a better person. If someone does you wrong, the human and natural way to handle is find closure that means know why they did what they did? But honestly, the best closure is letting the person go and forgiving them, it gives you a control over yourself that is bigger than revenge or arguments. It’s what brings peace within you. Also forgive but don’t forget.
  • SPEAK, NO ONE CAN READ MINDS. We do good in life because we think that karma will reward us and we will get good in return, that’s expectations. We cannot expect someone to do well for us or complete our wish until we tell them what they are.  You need to stop believing that someone knows you so much better that they will do something without you telling them. You want something, try asking. Asking has more probability of getting the desired thing than expecting the thing without words.
  • KINDNESS IS MORE POWERFUL THAN COOLNESS. Being kind is a gift that needs to be learnt and practiced at the earlier stage of life. Being kind to animals, humans and even nature is a blessing. Being the person with authority and sense of humor is cool but if you do the same with kindness, it’s beautiful.  
  • KNOWLEDGE ONLY WORKS IF YOU APPLY. In your lifespan, you learn a lot of things, you learn something every day. If you are reading this, you are learning but it will only be helpful if you use this knowledge to become the person you want. There is a whole lot of debate going around the syllabus in schools and the reason is what we learn in school is technical that half of us don’t get a chance to apply. So if you are learning something, learn for a reason. Don’t let your knowledge rot.
  • YOU CANNOT PLEASE EVERYONE. This is true because more than half of the times, we cannot please ourselves either. We need to make decisions and do things our way and not worry about who will feel sad. You deserve the things you have worked hard for, no matter who are not happy with your success.
  • THERE ARE ALWAYS GOING TO BE CONSEQUENCES. Take this world as a Dominos or Jenga, one thing falls and takes everything else with it. Few people profit from such falls, few people lose but this ecosystem is dependent on each other and whatever you do, consequences will always follow you.  

You always have to be honest, always kind, always loving and you will see how your true friends will stay by you and maybe you will also influence a bully into kindness. Sometimes when we are not true to ourselves, we cannot differentiate what we want and then we fake our wishes. We grow old thinking that’s who we are but we are not.

I wish that all of us would wake up and be true to oneself, we will obviously be hero of some story, supporting characters in some stories and maybe even villain in some stories but those are not your story. You write your own story no matter what other stories tell about you. Build stronger character and become a stronger individual. To become that individual you better start early than late.


Dating has always been shown and portrayed as a couple’s thing, brunch dates, movie dates, dinner dates but there are more than one ways of going dating alone. That means taking yourself out for something you love. The plus side to these dates is, it doesn’t have to be just for singles. Even If you are in a loving relationship, you and your partner can do these tasks separately.


These dates are done and tested by Yours Truly –


Now I know who hasn’t gone and grabbed a coffee on their own, I am pretty sure freelancers do half of their work in cafes but do this one time without doing anything else. Do nothing, absolutely nothing but drink your coffee and absorb the surrounding. Coffee shops are always having group of friends, a group of people meeting for official purpose, people who are there for purpose of different kinds. You just have to absorb the noise and not be part of it. It will tell you a lot about yourself and a lot about other people, you might miss your old days or you might get lost in your thoughts but coffee shop ambience will never let you down.


I have been going to historical monuments since my days in school, it’s always been part of our field trips or school picnic but no monument is same when you go there alone. Yes, there might be no one to take your pictures but you will learn so much more. You can actually take your time around and question history, you can read and learn all the broachers and you can sit and soak in the beauty of an historical monument in a good day. If your mind wanders like mine, you will imagine how the monument used to be in its day of Glory.


This park is located near to your home, it’s a great way to get some fresh air in the evening, away from your desk and also meet few people from around your locality. Generally, in the evening the park is filled with kids running around playing all sorts of games and their mothers who are catching up with each other. The evening parks are so pleasant and freshening that you would love to spend more time there alone. Also it will make you fit.

  • HIKE

Now, I don’t mean a hardcore pack your tents hike but a general small trip to the nearest trail of nature. I personally believe that you can connect to the nature more if you are alone than with any company. The walk is good for your body, your mind. The tired you feel after the hike is a 1000 time better than the tired after a long day of work. Especially, during pandemic natural trails are empty and you can take your mask off and not get scared.

  • Day trip to the Beach

Beach is so crowded with kids and people that it is the best camouflage to get lost in the scene, just take your rug and your drink, put sunscreen and lay down on the burning sand to forget all your worries. It will sure be the day spent well. Beach will not make you feel lonely and spend your time relaxing and taking a break.

Going on solo trips have no boundaries, you can go to libraries, to the museums, around the city, to the latest restraint in area, etc. Once you start your first solo date, others will come to you and it is a great way to reflect on yourself and to spend some time with your thoughts.

During the pandemic, we did spend a lot of time with ourselves and now suddenly going out and socializing can be exhausting for some of us. Between those group trips and hangouts, find time to give yourself the space that you require.

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